An impersonation of Judith Lucy in outer space. Beginning as cabaret act this solo clown piece developed into a full length performance. Stemming from my childhood fascination with Judith Lucy's fatalistic television persona it explores dark humour as a glittering escape from everyday life. Its black humour begs the question, does escapism bring a fatal edge to reality? Presenting itself as an invented comedy show in which Lucy is projected into outer space to report her comedic reflections from a black hole, it explores the role of creation and destruction in comedy as a dark art. It has been presented at Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.  

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Gorgeous idea. Simply staged...

A great strength in this work is the impersonation itself – Williams as Lucy is magnetic- the sad clown with a crushed spirit and a bright young face. This coupled with some fairly far reaching ruminations of the world is really quite astounding.
— Augusta Supple